Milena Banks (11/2017)

Show Run: November 4th through December 22nd

Milena Banks paints scenes around Bath—from old houses, recumbent dogs, and the sea, to still lives and farm animals. Her favorite approach involves the use of thick oil paint and lots of color to highlight the dynamic between light and shadow and the resulting mystery.

She started off doing a masters degree in Photography but her desire for texture and depth led her to take formal painting classes in NYC and to then study for several years under the tutelage of Enzo Russo, master painter and student of Giorgio de Chirico.

Milena is also a writer of the Kirkus acclaimed novel, Riding the Tiger, an historical thriller. She runs a horse and hound rescue with her husband in Bath and her paintings are represented by Portland Art Gallery.

Nostalgic, full of color and vivid scenes which express a sense of longing.
— Art Collector Maine
Riding the Tiger
By Milena Banks
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