2017 Programming Accomplishments


Programming Accomplishments

Summer Concert Series for the 3rd summer featuring local and regional. Each year the attendance increases with these open air, free admission shows on the waterfront.

Outreach to veterans, children and seniors to reduce financial barrier to experience live entertainment.

Family oriented shows such as silent movies, illusionist/magicians, and even a show with trained pound puppies.

Fund-raising events such as Bob Dylan Poetry Slam featuring local celebrities.

The art gallery featured eclectic displays.

Sold out concerts for KILL THE CHILL (local musicians) and CELTIC CONCERT (Cape Breton musicians) winter series on the Annex.

Community theatre received rave reviews and high attendance including “ON GOLDEN POND” in the Annex; Shakespeare plays performed to perfection on the main stage; “OKLAHOMA!” kicked-off the 2017-18 season on the main stage; and “SCROOGE!” continues the holiday tradition December 2017.


The Chocolate Church Arts Center celebrates 40th anniversary in 2017. Originally incorporated as the Performing Arts Center in Bath, the unique color of the building and the fact that is it an 1847 church is why it continues to be lovingly referred to as the Chocolate Church.

Admittedly there are challenges to the 170 year old facility. While a well-intended suggestion, a simple paint job is not the answer since the wood is so old.  Still true to its original purpose of being a church, the acoustics are fabulous. We will embark on the feasibility study of a capital campaign to make the much needed overall  improvements for the sustainability of the building.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that we have made significant improvement to the facility since 2013. Through the leadership of the Building Action Committee and with larger grants, we have replaced the faulty furnace in the main stage and we have insulated the Annex.  Our facility volunteers make improvements on a continuous basis. We welcome designated donations and in-kind support to make facility improvements, such as:

  • High technical level of performances (sound, lighting, stagecraft).
  • Managing repairs and improvements on historic, aged physical structure.
  • The kitchen in the annex was refurbished and is now a place we can entertain guests during shows and performances.
  • A control room was built in the annex with a window to the performance area.
  • The alley lights were repaired to provide security and visibility.
  • The breezeway was enclosed to provide a protected passageway for performers.
  • Communication system was set up for coordination during performances.
  • The gallery was repainted. 
  • Drainage and water protection was done at the northwest corner to mitigate water damage and entrance into the scene shop.
  • The scene underwent a major clean-out providing easier access to props and show materials.
  • A radial arm saw was donated to increase our ability to manage maintenance and show set construction.
  • A snow blower was donated for our snow removal this winter.
  • Outside lighting was upgraded and tree trimming for enhanced patron access.
  • The floor of the downstairs Annex was jacked up and re-enforced to mitigate continued sagging and damage.
  • The locks were changed out to provide better security and access.
  • The building is cleaner and looks more cared for.


After starting the 2013-14 season with only $250 in the bank, we are thrilled to have finished the 2016-17 fiscal year in the black. The only reason that this is possible is through the hard work of volunteers and through the support of ticket buyers, members, donors and sponsors. We continue to strive for greater sustainability as the community arts center serving the mid-coast community.

suzanne sarto