Suzanne Vega Releases New Video

Award-Winning Singer /Songwriter Suzanne Vega Releases New Music Video For The Single “We Of Me” From Her Acclaimed New Album “Lover, Beloved: Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers”
*13-City Us Tour Kicks Off October 25 In New York City*

The Eternally Cool Singer Songwriter

October 17, 2016 – Award-winning singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega has just released a stunning new music video for “We of Me,” the first single from her acclaimed new album “Lover, Beloved: Songs from an Evening with Carson McCullers,” which was inspired by the life and writings of distinguished writer Carson McCullers and was released October 14 on Vega’s own Amanuensis Productions.   

The song “We of Me” takes its title from McCullers’ 1946 novel The Member Of The Wedding, and renowned video director Chuck Moore sets the tone of the iconic author's novel and as well as evokes Irving Penn’s iconic corner portraits. Conceptually, fans of McCullers might recognize some callbacks to her work. But regardless of literary education, everyone will love the beautiful cinematography and the timeless voice of Suzanne Vega.

"’We of Me’ is a musical adaptation of the novel Member of the Wedding by author Carson McCullers. The story is about a young girl who wants to join her brother and his bride in their wedding and be with them in their lives forever after,” says Suzanne Vega.  “Of course, that doesn't end very well, but the song is a wish to join with them forever. It is also a situation that occurred often in McCullers own life, as she and her husband created triangles emotionally, if not always sexually."

Lover, Beloved” is a collection of ten songs from the musical “Lover, Beloved: An Evening With Carson McCullers”. In the play McCullers is shown at two historical moments that bookend her career: the first, set in 1941, when The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter propelled her to literary fame, and the second shortly before her death, as she movingly reflects on her life and work. The songs, which she co-wrote with longtime friend and theatrical collaborator Duncan Sheik, richly capture the essence of McCuller’s insightful words and forward-thinking philosophies on gender and love.

Vega has been earning terrific reviews for LOVER, BELOVED in the US as well across Europe.  ROLLING STONE called the album “a witty, bluesy passageway into a previous era” (10/14/16), and the NEW YORK TIMES said “Lover, Beloved: Songs from an Evening with Carson McCullersis the result of one wryly perceptive American writer inhabiting the mindspace of another.” (9/16/16).  MOJO MAGAZINE praised the song “We of Me” as “gorgeous rock” (October 2016), R2 MAGAZINE in the UK called the album “unexpected masterpiece ****” (October) and THE HERALD SCOTLAND ran a rave 4 star live concert review stating “The album has the kind of of-the-times atmosphere and smart lyricism that makes for compelling listening and Vega captures McCullers’ wit, poetic sensibility and bitchiness brilliantly.”

Vega is embarking on a 13-city US tour in support of LOVER, BELOVED, which will start October 25 in New York City and conclude in Portland on November 16.  For more info on the album and tour dates visit:

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