Bath Nonprofit Celebrates 40 Years of Community 

by Juliette Lakka, The Times Record

The Chocolate Church Arts Center, a Bath non-profit celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is looking to boost support for local and regional talent as part of its mission.

The arts center was founded in 1977 when New York City theatrical designer Jack Doepp bought the former Congregational Church — which had gone unused for years and was slated for demolition — from Sagadahoc Preservation Inc. The arts center hosted strictly theater at first, but soon added live music to its repertoire, which was its chief draw for years.

When Executive Director Jennifer DeChant was hired in 2012, the center was in jeopardy of closing. DeChant implemented a new business model to help connect the center with the Bath community and now, five years later, finances are stable.

suzanne sarto