Meet Our New Executive Director William Lederer

William Lederer has dedicated nearly his entire life to the arts. After earning his degree in Music Theory and Composition from Goucher College in Baltimore, William worked at that institution as Special Assistant to former president, Sanford Ungar. In that role, William gained experience in fundraising, marketing, and strategic partnership with local government and the business community.

In 2014, William founded a company to provide original music for commercial and non-profit use. He gave thousands of music lessons, and performed for many years as a member of one of Maryland's most popular bands. He has also released two albums of original music - “Glitzy Golden” as Amazing Bill and a self-titled album as “Glow Homes”. These can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and all major music streaming services.

William relocated from Maryland to Maine in early 2019 with his wife, Sarah (who grew up in Maine), and their dog and cat. Shortly after arriving, William was thrilled to accept the position of Executive Director at the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath. When not working to bring the best arts programming to this wonderful place, William enjoys writing and listening to music, cooking, and discovering the beautiful outdoors of his new home state.

Contact William at or by phone (207) 442-8455.

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Want to listen to William’s music on Amazon?

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