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Late Night Tales (dance) Jan 25-28 (multiple shows)

$16 adult | $12 student at the door | Save $4 by purchasing in advance! (ticketing fee is included)

This is a Resurgence Dance Company Production with guest performances by Vivid Motion Dance Company.

This contemporary ballet features vignettes of true stories depicting moments in dancers’ lives. Staged in the Annex, this smaller performance space will give the audience an intimate perspective of the dancers.  

The Resurgence Dance Company directed by Ashley Steeves is comprised of 13 dancers.  This show originated when members of the Company sat down together, drank tea, and began talking about details from their pasts.  

“You can dance with someone for years and not realize that they live in the same town, went to college in New York, or are allergic to pets,” said Ashley Steeves. “This project was a way for the dancers to open the dialogue about one another and feel closer. This dynamic transmits into their performances choreographed to current music.” 

From ambient to upbeat, each dancer performs stories from their lives to give the audience a more personal experience.  Continuing the theme of open dialogue and personal expression, each dance is choreographed by the dancer and/or other dancers involved in the project. Multiple dances will be shown, and narration will help tune audience members into the story behind the pieces.