The Chocolate Church is different than most performing arts venues. In addition to operating all year and having visual arts component, the Chocolate Church serves as a community arts organization. Through programming and outreach we seek to intersect with the community as many ways as possible.

Grammy Award-Winning Performers & Creative Outlet For The Community

Sure, you can experience Grammy award-winning performers on our stage. The list is impressive of international and national musicians who have entertained audiences for 40 years on our campus of main stage and annex. You will also have the chance to experience local talent because we foster creativity by showcasing original work among music and dance. We produce community theatre that provides creative outlet for people of all ages.

It is our experience as the community arts organization that individuals who sing, dance, play instruments, paint and sculpt crave a venue, stage or gallery. We are committed to providing that outlet. We strongly believe in shopping local and listening local.

Fundraising To Benefit Local Initiatives

In addition we support the community by producing and hosting fundraising events to benefit local initiatives. During the past three years we have helped raise more than $10,000 combined for the local food bank, women’s club and for a local family facing a devastating illness.

We Do It All With Your Support

A small and committed staff does all of this. All of this is offered through leadership of a dedicated Board of Trustees. All of this is accomplished through the hard work of volunteers.

Financially this effort is possible through membership, donations, sponsorship and advertising. Your financial support is essential to the sustainability of the Chocolate Church Arts Center. We continue to operate under 3 Guiding Principles:

  1. We do what we say we are going to do;

  2. We buy what we can pay for;

  3. We expand or shrink to level of support from members, donors and sponsors.

What is difference between becoming a member and being a donor?

Membership benefits are designated pending the level of support. Members are as core to early ticket sales and attending events. We plan to grow this aspect as an indicator of a healthy organization. Donations are tax deductible and go directly to operational support. Ticket sales are a small but important part of the budget.

It is through donations that the programming can expand.


Other Ways To Support CCAC


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The Chocolate Church Arts Center (CCAC) was incorporated and received 501(3)(c) status in 1977, and has over the ensuing 40 years exercised its dual mission of presenting graphic, visual, and performing arts to midcoast Maine while preserving and protecting its home, the former Congregational Church built in 1847.