The Main Stage 

The Church proscenium stage is 22 ft. deep (cyc to front of stage) and 36 ft. across (wing to wing) and is spring loaded, making it especially applicable for dance productions. There are 277 fixed seats within a tiered, continental seating design. Additional seating can be added along the side balconies. The sound and light boards are located in an easily accessible cubicle. Both systems have been recently updated with audio-visual capability. Guests enter through the 170 year old double wooden doors to be greeted by the box office. The front lobby has space for concessions, merchandise and marketing displays. The facility is handicapped accessible through ramps to the side door, south of the main entrance.

The Annex 

This building was added in 1853. South of the main stage, the art gallery, blackbox theatre and administrative offices are located in the Annex. Among performing arts centers that operate year round, the Chocolate Church is unique in having a visual arts component. The blackbox theatre, with its own street-level entrance, is an ideal venue for smaller dance performances, theatre productions, musical shows or catered events. Seating varies depending on production and format. A basic kitchen, comfortable dressing rooms and bathroom facilities are also in this building.

The Art Gallery

As a performance arts center, we uniquely include an art gallery as an additional venue located on the top floor of the Annex. This room lends itself to several interpretations. The dimensions are:

  • West Wall: 14 ft. 6 in.
  • South Wall s/w: 12 ft.
  • South Wall (recessed): 12 ft.
  • South Wall s/e: 12 ft.
  • South/East Corner: 8 ft. x 4 ft.
  • North/w Wall: 16 ft.
  • North/e Wall: 17 ft.

Location & Directions

Phone: (207) 442-8455

Office and Gallery Hours

TUE–WED: 10-4
THU: 10-6
FRI: Noon-4

Street Address

804 Washington Street
Bath, ME 04530-2617

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 252
Bath, ME 04530-2617